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Sloat, Teri

Berry Magic - Sloat, Teri (Hardcover)

Berry Magic - Sloat, Teri (Hardcover)

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"This charming pourquoi tale tells of an Eskimo girl and her magic. Sloat's pictures are vibrant and engaging, befitting the land of the northern lights. . . . Delightful, playful and beautifully written."―School Library Journal

Long ago, the only berries on the tundra were hard, tasteless, little crowberries. As Anana watches the older ladies in her village complain bitterly while picking berries for the Fall Festival, she decides to use her magic to help.

"Atsa-ii-yaa (Berry), Atsa-ii-yaa (Berry), Atsaukina! (Be a berry!)," Anana sings under the full moon, turning the four dolls she sewed with a different color pelatuuk (or head scarf) into little girls that run and tumble over the tundra creating patches of fat, juicy berries: blueberries, cranberries, salmonberries, and raspberries.

The next morning Anana and the ladies fill basket after basket with berries for the Fall Festival. Thanks to Anana, there are plenty of tasty berries for the agutak (Eskimo tee cream) at the festival and forevermore.

As she did with The Eye of the Needle (praised by the New York Times Book Review, a San Francisco Chronicle Choice, and a Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Picture Book Award winner), Yup'ik Eskimo elder Betty Huffmon shared this folktale with author/illustrator Teri Sloat, who brings it to life with her delightful illustrations.
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