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Adler, Paul

Bumming in Bed-Stuy: - A Memoir - Adler, Paul (Paperback)

Bumming in Bed-Stuy: - A Memoir - Adler, Paul (Paperback)

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Paul Adler was a gifted drummer and guitarist whose writing reflects his distinctive-and distinctively New York-state of mind.

His warmth and wit shine through in these vividly observed scenes from his daily life. Whether he's describing the endless parade of characters hitting him up for cigarettes or his inability to be mean to telemarketers, his voice is as empathetic as it is acerbic and his stories find strange beauty in the bodegas, bus stops, diners, delis, offices and subway trains of his everyday life.

Described as "a real-life jerk" in the NY Post in 2009, Paul was beloved by his parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. Though we tragically lost Paul in 2019, this compilation is meant to be a place where he can always be found.

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