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O'Banion, C. E.

Chinese New Year - O'Banion, C. E. (Paperback)

Chinese New Year - O'Banion, C. E. (Paperback)

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In the twilight of the twenty-first century, Alton B. Tapscott battles hurricanes, his children, the trappings of polite society, organized religion, and the inescapable control of technology - his only weapons being his cat, a pair of prescription arthritic socks, and his new WiFi-enabled hearing aide.

With humor and heart, Chinese New Year details the life of an average American Hero of a certain age as he catches an Uber, enters an assisted living facility, sees a baseball game, attends an irreverent celebration of Mass, bingo, and celebrates Chinese New Year. It deals with fate, free will, friendship, and what it might really mean to remember who we want to be.

Getting old feels inevitable, but time runs out quickly on a life well-lived, and for a lucky few before they're back in diapers.

The Chinese New Year is a collection of stories meant to educate those from young adults to the elderly on the treatment our current political and healthcare systems place on our citizens. It shows different walks of life ending in the same situation and their decisions to rise to the occasion or wilt. A story like this on the middle class and the middle of the political spectrum is absent from America's multicultural landscape and currently lacking in the marketplace, offering a perspective of the millennial generation's impact on the world through their relationships with other groups, ideals of the future, outlook on life, and pension for regret, and examines the nuance of the society's middle ground and exhaustion between current political extremes.

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