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Godawa, Brian James

Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer (A Theological Thriller Novel) - Godawa, Brian James (Paperback)

Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer (A Theological Thriller Novel) - Godawa, Brian James (Paperback)

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A Postmodern Killer for a Postmodern World

Charles Cullen, a brilliant university professor and ruthless killer, makes a daring escape from a California hospital for the criminally insane.

Dr. Joseph Kallinger, the psychologist who examined Cullen, is called in to help capture him. The problem is that he has to work with Detective Van Til, a burnt-out cop who thinks Kallinger's diagnosis is to blame for the situation they're in.

Meanwhile, on the college campus, Evangelical Christian Danny Ranes arrives for his freshman year and falls for bold and beautiful Shavonda Jackson, who introduces him to social justice, identity politics, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Danny begins a life-changing journey of deconstructing his faith and is drawn into a network of radical activism that forces him to make a dangerous choice that may change his life forever.

Ideas Have Consequences

And then the frightening video recordings start to show up. Charles Cullen captures college professors and debates with them on screen. The proposition: his moral right to kill them.

There is more to this psychopath than meets the eye. Cullen is pulling Van Til and Kallinger into his own spider web of rational madness.

Can they catch the killer and stop the serial slaughter of more faculty victims or will their own inner demons break them first?

When you read this novel, it will lead you on a breathtaking rollercoaster of deep thought and high thrills with pulse-pounding chills into the very meaning of existence.

The Theological Thriller Novel Series

Cruel Logic is the first in the Theological Thriller Novel series of riveting standalone novels about human nature, the problem of evil, and the existence of God. Sign up at Brian Godawa's website to get updates for his other upcoming novels.

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