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Gandhi, Monica

Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook - Gandhi, Monica (Hardcover)

Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook - Gandhi, Monica (Hardcover)

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A Blueprint for Navigating Future Pandemics: Embrace an Endemic Reality

Discover a roadmap to coexisting with new respiratory diseases and their variants using reason, science, courage, and compassion. This approach acknowledges that eradicating these viruses may be challenging, but controlling them is possible. By utilizing existing tools, we can coexist with these viruses without disrupting society.

In this book, Dr. Gandhi offers insights into the story, science, and politics of our journey so far, highlighting successes and challenges.

With her expertise, clear reasoning and a 10-point plan, Dr. Gandhi equips readers to understand and prepare for the future, ensuring a well-informed and resilient society.

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