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Tada, Joni Eareckson

Heaven: Your Real Home...from a Higher Perspective - Tada, Joni Eareckson (Paperback)

Heaven: Your Real Home...from a Higher Perspective - Tada, Joni Eareckson (Paperback)

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Gain a fresh perspective on heaven from someone who has endured more than her share of earthly challenges for over fifty years--quadriplegia, cancer, and chronic pain.

Joni Eareckson Tada's bestseller Heaven has inspired us to live well on earth even as we long for eternity, but as Joni tells us in this updated and expanded edition of Heaven, the longer you journey with your eyes on heaven, the more you begin to see.

A quadriplegic for over fifty years, Joni has also endured cancer and extreme ongoing pain, and she doesn't speak lightly when she reminds us that, "God knows the precise tools to use in your life to cut, facet, cleanse, and refine the diamond that is your eternal soul . . . Every good thing that God has ever given you will last for all eternity--including the best part of every affliction."

It is from this vantage point that Joni now speaks about how we can live for Jesus as we look forward to our real home in heaven. Drawing on Scripture, Joni answers the deepest questions of our hearts, including:

  • What will heaven be like?
  • Who will we be in heaven?
  • How can we get ready for heaven?

Join Joni as she invites you on this journey of looking back on God's faithfulness, discovering how we got to where we are, and looking forward to our real home.

Praise for Heaven:

"Joni is a friend of mine who has been leading people with love and courage for decades. God uses the most unlikely guides to take us up the rugged terrain in our faith. God's plan is pretty simple. He wants us to spend forever with Him. This life is just practicing for eternity. Will we face difficulties and setbacks? You bet. In this updated book, Joni has taken us once again to the high places, and she's done so from her chair."

--Bob Goff, author of the New York Times bestsellers Love Does and Everybody Always

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