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Schweit, Katherine

How To Talk About Guns with Anyone - Schweit, Katherine (Paperback)

How To Talk About Guns with Anyone - Schweit, Katherine (Paperback)

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Arm Yourself with the Facts: How to Talk About Guns in America

Firearms-related incidents kill more than 45,000 people in the US every year and are the leading cause of death for US children and adolescents. But talking about guns doesn't have to be scary or divisive. With this easy-to-read and politics-free guide, you can arm yourself with the facts and strategies to calmly discuss firearms laws, firearms ownership, court decisions, and the Founding Fathers' thinking behind the Second Amendment.

Whether you're a novice or a gun expert, this book offers valuable insights into red flag laws, background checks, semi-automatic weapons, AR-15s, video games, ghost guns, firearms training requirements, state laws, US Supreme Court decisions, and the role guns play in domestic violence and mental health matters. Rural America suffers most when more than 50% of firearms deaths annually are suicides. And in urban areas, where more than 80% of our population lives, firearms homicides persist.

But you don't have to feel helpless or hopeless. Join the army of those ready to take back our safety and solve one of the most divisive issues facing our nation today. Gain the confidence to discuss practical solutions to stop the killing. Solutions don't come from silence. This book is packed with information about dozens of solutions under consideration. What is your role in reducing gun violence? Find it here.

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