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Martin, Rachel Marie

Mom Enough: Inspiring Letters for the Wonderfully Exhausting But Totally Normal Days of Motherhood - Martin, Rachel Marie (Hardcover)

Mom Enough: Inspiring Letters for the Wonderfully Exhausting But Totally Normal Days of Motherhood - Martin, Rachel Marie (Hardcover)

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Author, influencer, and founder of the popular social media community FindingJoy, Rachel Martin offers encouragement for moms by sharing her own personal journey through heartache, self-doubt, and the challenges of motherhood. With over forty letters of encouragement, from one mom to another, she tells mothers they're "mom enough."

Through this gorgeous gift book of heartfelt letters, beautiful photography, and viral quotes, Rachel offers hope and encouragement to moms feeling overwhelmed by life's twists and turns. Her vulnerable and authentic voice will inspire mothers to embrace their imperfections and find joy at each stage of motherhood.

With each letter, Rachel encourages readers to reflect on the things that truly matter, connect with their inner strength and resilience, and believe in their ability to overcome the daily obstacles that mothers face. Rachel's words help moms from all walks of life embrace the beauty and power within and to remind them they are never alone on this journey. She writes vulnerable letters to moms titled:

  • Dear mom, you are enough
  • Dear mom, who worries if she is a good mom
  • Dear mom, who needs to let go of mom guilt
  • Dear mom, with littles

Mom Enough is a love letter to every mom that serves as a reminder that being a mother is enough, that their struggles are valid, and their dreams are worth fighting for. So moms, take a deep breath and let Rachel's words be a warm conversation of support from one mother to another.

Praise for Mom Enough

"I can confidently say there are no words that make me breathe easier than the words of Rachel Marie Martin. No matter how long you've guilt-tripped yourself, neglected your needs, or abandoned your dreams, this compassionate guide offers real hope. Through relatable struggles and heartfelt honesty, Rachel shows us how to honor ourselves throughout our motherhood journey. Let Mom Enough bring peace to your soul and more YOU to the brave story of your life."

--Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and special education teacher

"Rachel Martin is a genius observer and storyteller of the human condition. Her writing reaches deep into the heart while allowing us to feel seen, heard, and soothed. Mom Enough is highly recommended and one you will come back to over and over again."

--Shonda Moralis, MSW, LCSW, Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author of Breathe, Mama, Breathe

"Rachel's Mom Enough is the warm hug we all need to get us through those tough days of motherhood. . . In a world that is always telling us to do more and be more, Rachel reminds us that we are already enough--and that is a gift we should all keep giving ourselves."

--Whitney Fleming, co-owner, Parenting Teens & Tweens, Author and Creator behind Whitney Fleming Writes

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