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Bowman, Katy

Move Your DNA 2nd ed: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement - Bowman, Katy (Paperback)

Move Your DNA 2nd ed: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement - Bowman, Katy (Paperback)

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Bestselling Move Your DNA has shaken up the health and fitness world with this message: there is more to movement than exercise.

A landmark in explaining biomechanics. Dr. Joan Vernikos, Former Director of NASA's life science division and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

It's often said that movement is medicine, but rarely is the how behind the power of movement explained. It's not only our whole body that's moving; our cells are being moved as our limbs push and pull to locomote us around, and each movement moves our cells uniquely.

Some of the big ideas in this paradigm-shifting book include:

  • The human body evolved to a tremendous amount of certain movements―like walking, squatting, hanging, and carrying―loads our bodies still require to work well, even though they're mostly gone from our convenience-centric culture.
  • Many of the ailments we face today relate to how little we move and how stiff our bodies are when we do move. Body issues are often more accurately symptoms of movement malnutrition.
  • Why a physical therapist or personal trainer is coaching you in alignment or good form: we're adapting most to our daily positioning!
  • It's not only move more, it's move more of your body parts! (All bodies, couch potatoes to high-level athletes have areas that can be nourished with better movement.)
  • We're using exercise like movement vitamins instead of addressing the deeper issue of a poor movement diet. We should be using both!

Move Your DNA also contains:

  • 40+ corrective exercises to help you find your sticky spots―areas of your body that just aren't moving (even when the rest of you moves a lot)
  • alignment checks and a guide to increasing your walking movements
  • simple lifestyle changes to get you moving more (without always needing to add exercise!).

Keen laypeople, yoga and pilates teachers, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, physical therapists, and athletes can all use this humorous, passionate, and science-based guide to finally getting the movement every body requires.

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