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Murach, Joel

Murach's C# (8th Edition) - Murach, Joel (Paperback)

Murach's C# (8th Edition) - Murach, Joel (Paperback)

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The 8th Edition of Murach's C# does a better job than ever of teaching the C# programming language. Each section features clear examples and easy-to-understand explanations that walk you through crucial skills, best practices, and helpful tips.

Using this book as your guide, you'll get off to a fast start by taking advantage of the best features of Visual Studio, C#, and the .NET classes to develop Windows Forms apps. Because of its self-paced approach, this book works equally well whether you're new to programming or an experienced developer.

After presenting some essential C# skills, this book shows how to write object-oriented code the way it's done in the real world. It also shows you how to work with a database using EF (Entity Framework) or ADO.NET. When you're done, you'll be able to develop 3-tier, object-oriented, Windows Forms apps that work with a database. More importantly, you'll have a solid set of C# skills that you can apply to any C# app whether it's for the desktop, the web, or mobile devices.

Every Murach book guarantees high quality. The complete apps show how each feature works in context. The exercises at the end of each chapter let you practice your new skills and gain valuable hands-on experience. And the distinctive "paired-pages" format is ideal for learning and reference.

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