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Murach, Joel

Murach's PHP and MySQL (4th Edition) - Murach, Joel (Paperback)

Murach's PHP and MySQL (4th Edition) - Murach, Joel (Paperback)

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Murach's PHP and MySQL (4th Edition) delivers the skills you need to develop database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL. You'll quickly learn to code the way today's top web professionals do, even without any prior coding experience. Each section features clear, beginner-friendly examples and easy-to-understand explanations that walk you through crucial skills, best practices, and helpful tips.

Section 1 is a quick-start course that shows how to use the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and the Apache web server to build your first PHP applications. Right from the start, you'll learn to create applications that conform to the industry-standard Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, so they'll be easy to maintain as they grow. In addition, you'll learn how to create secure applications that prevent SQL injection attacks and guard against XSS attacks.

Section 2 dives deeper into PHP by covering the skills you'll use every day, like how to work with form data, cookies, functions, and objects. Then, section 3 dives deeper into MySQL, teaching you how to design, create, and work with a database. Finally, section 4 teaches you important web programming skills like how to secure web pages, upload files, and process images.

Along the way, you'll learn how to take advantage of PHP 8 enhancements like match expressions, constructor property promotion, and the nullsafe operator, ensuring your skills are up to date.

Like all Murach books, Murach's PHP and MySQL guarantees high quality, and developers love our "code that actually works." See why for yourself, with a complete website to study and practice exercises for hands-on experience. You'll have a hard time finding such effective examples anywhere else.

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