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Jensen, Eric

Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Seven High-Impact Mindsets for Students from Poverty (Using Mindsets in the Classroom to Overcome Student Poverty and - Jensen, Eric (Paperback)

Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Seven High-Impact Mindsets for Students from Poverty (Using Mindsets in the Classroom to Overcome Student Poverty and - Jensen, Eric (Paperback)

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There are three critical characteristics to know about poverty and education:

  1. The devastating effects of poverty are accelerating.
  2. Poverty affects both you and your students in multiple adverse ways.
  3. You have the power to reverse the academic impact poverty has on your students, and this comprehensive resource will show you how.

In this revised and updated edition, two of Eric Jensen's top-selling books (Poor Students, Rich Teaching and Poor Students, Richer Teaching) have been merged into one must-read resource on poverty and education. Dr. Eric Jensen clearly defines seven mindsets essential for reaching economically disadvantaged students and shares corresponding strategies for overcoming adversity and ensuring college and career readiness for all learners, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Motivate students to learn in the face of poverty using mindsets in the classroom:

  • Understand the urgency of poverty in the United States and how poverty affects education, student engagement, and academic achievement.
  • Learn how creating a positive school culture and a growth mindset for students can be beneficial in overcoming adversity.
  • Gain seven high-impact mindsets that bring change: the relational mindset, achievement mindset, rich classroom climate mindset, engagement mindset, positivity mindset, enrichment mindset, and graduation mindset.
  • Build effective teacher-student relationships, and help students see college and career readiness as a reachable target.
  • Create a welcoming classroom climate where all students love to learn, and drive student engagement, motivation, and success.


Part One: Why the Relational Mindset?
Chapter 1: Personalize the Learning
Chapter 2: Connect Everyone for Success
Chapter 3: Show Empathy
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Relational Mindset

Part Two: Why the Achievement Mindset?
Chapter 4: Set Gutsy Goals
Chapter 5: Give Fabulous Feedback
Chapter 6: Persist With Grit
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Achievement Mindset

Part Three: Why the Positivity Mindset?
Chapter 7: Boost Optimism and Hope
Chapter 8: Build Positive Attitudes
Chapter 9: Change the Emotional Set Point
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Positivity Mindset

Part Four: Why the Rich Classroom Climate Mindset?
Chapter 10: Engage Voice and Vision
Chapter 11: Set Safe Classroom Norms
Chapter 12: Foster Academic Optimism
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Rich Classroom Climate Mindset

Part Five: Why the Enrichment Mindset?
Chapter 13: Manage the Cognitive Load
Chapter 14: Develop Better Thinking Skills
Chapter 15: Enhance Study Skills and Vocabulary
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Enrichment Mindset

Part Six: Why the Engagement Mindset?
Chapter 16: Engage for Maintenance and Stress
Chapter 17: Engage for Setup and Buy-In
Chapter 18: Engage to Build Community
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Engagement Mindset

Part Seven: Why the Graduation Mindset?
Chapter 19: Support Alternative Solutions
Chapter 20: Prepare for College and Careers
Parting Wisdom: Lock in the Graduation Mindset

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