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Godawa, Brian

Remnant: Rescue of the Elect - Godawa, Brian (Paperback)

Remnant: Rescue of the Elect - Godawa, Brian (Paperback)

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An edge-of-your seat action-packed supernatural conspiracy thriller that reveals the spiritual warfare and God's deliverance of his people under the brutal Roman empire of the first century.

The Roman Hunt for the Apostle John and the secret Book of Revelation

The isle of Patmos, 66 A.D. Roman Prefect Severus is supposed to kill his target, the Apostle John, as ordered by Nero Caesar. Severus and his servants, Jewish Alexander and Christians Cassandra and Demetrius find the Apostle John exiled on an infamous penal colony.

But when Severus learns from John what the secret apocalypse scroll, the book of Revelation, really means, he decides to travel to Jerusalem. His goal: infiltrate the Christian community and find any warriors who may claim to be the Messiah in the Jewish revolt now under way.

Outside Jerusalem, two Jewish warriors, Simon bar Giora and John of Gischala, struggle in a civil war to lead the revolt against Rome. But the Jewish ruling class and high priesthood are corrupt in colluding with Caesar. What they don't realize is that a young unknown monk from the Essene Dead Sea community of Qumran holds the key to defending the holy city and holy temple.

Alexander, Cassandra and Demetrius warn the remnant of Christian believers in Jerusalem to flee the city before judgment and destruction falls upon them. The only problem is, the Christians don't believe them. And they don't realize that the armies of Rome are already on their way.

Spiritual Warfare, Sword and Sorcery, Angels and Demons

The human story is not the only one in this series. The book of Revelation unveils the spiritual warfare involved in Biblical prophecy. So Chronicles of the Apocalypse shows the evil plans and actions of Satan and his fallen angels, the Watchers masquerading as gods of the nations. This gang of demons is not going down easily.

This is Not Your Mother's Left Behind.

Most End Times Bible prophecy fiction follows the same futuristic fantasy that is speculative and entertaining, but continues to prove wrong as history unfolds. What many Christians don't know is that there is a strong tradition of Christian eschatology that unveils the book of Revelation in its first century context as the apostle John originally intended it. Chronicles of the Apocalypse follows that lesser known Biblical prophecy interpretation of the End Times, the Last Days, the Antichrist, 666, the Beast, and the Great Tribulation.

EXTRA BONUS: Historical and Biblical Facts Behind the Fiction

You'll get extensive endnotes with each chapter that prove the historical fulfillment of the book of Revelation and End Times Bible prophecies as depicted in this novel. The story follows ancient Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, for the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in the first century.

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