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Trench, Scott

Set for Life: An All-Out Approach to Early Financial Freedom - Trench, Scott (Paperback)

Set for Life: An All-Out Approach to Early Financial Freedom - Trench, Scott (Paperback)

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Retire early from your nine-to-five and reach financial freedom with the actionable advice in this personal finance best-seller--now completely revised with new content from the author!

Building wealth is always possible, even while working full-time, earning a median income, and paying off debt. By layering philosophy with practical knowledge, Set for Life gives people in their twenties and thirties an action plan to conquer their financial goals early in life. With more than 140,000 copies sold, this anniversary edition gets a refresh with new content, updated numbers, and even more valuable tips and tricks learned over the last five years.

Scott Trench--real estate investor, co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast, and CEO of BiggerPockets--demonstrates how to accumulate a lifetime of wealth over a short period of time. Even starting with zero savings, you can go from a five-figure income to six figures, from an active job to passive income, then finally to the ultimate goal of financial independence.

Set yourself up for life as early as possible, and enjoy life on your terms!

Inside this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Save more income (50+ percent of it) while still having fun
  • Double or triple your income in 3-5 years
  • Track your financial progress in order to achieve the greatest results
  • Build frugal and efficient habits to make the most of your lifestyle
  • Secure "real" assets and avoid "false" ones that destroy wealth
  • Use real estate and stock investing to generate passive income
  • And much more!
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