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Rønnenfelt, Elias B.

Sunken Heights - Rønnenfelt, Elias B. (Hardcover)

Sunken Heights - Rønnenfelt, Elias B. (Hardcover)

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The debut book of poems from the acclaimed musician, lead singer and lyricist of Iceage, featuring R nnenfelt's original Danish text and artwork by Elizabeth Peyton.

Sunken Heights is a work of poetry in a grand tradition: a quest in verse through reverie and observation, equal parts enigmatically abstracted and grittily real. Presented in both the original Danish text and R nnenfelt's own English translation, Sunken Heights balances the poet's reflections on the aggressive and primal present with strikingly romantic and surprisingly vulnerable musings on variations of love, delusion, and maturation in a smoldering world.
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