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Dove, Nah

The Afrocentric School [a blueprint] - Dove, Nah (Paperback)

The Afrocentric School [a blueprint] - Dove, Nah (Paperback)

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Who are we? Is a central question asked throughout the African Diaspora. This handbook offers answers to that burning question based on ancient African principles that relate to the critical role of teaching our children and drawn from Nah Dove's UNICEF-sponsored work in Ghana. Grounded in the love of African humanity-women, men, girls, and boys, this handbook counters anti-African and anti-Black beliefs that have been propounded over centuries. This work recognizes a range of African cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors every bit as wide as there was amongst the different peoples who conquered Africa.

In Afrocentric School: BluePrint, the cultural legacy and heritage of Africa is embraced to reawaken the cultural memory. Dove provides a foundational curriculum for children aged 3-15 years, with standards based on expectations developed from child development and education baseline studies.

Readers will learn how to:

- Provide students the opportunity to begin study of the world, its people, concepts, and history from the view of the African child's heritage

- Identify African principles and teachings

- Correct distorted information

- Develop lesson plans that guides the teacher, parent, student, and reader in understanding African cultural history from an Afrocentric theoretical perspective

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