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O'Connor, Flannery

The Flannery O'Connor Collection - O'Connor, Flannery (Hardcover)

The Flannery O'Connor Collection - O'Connor, Flannery (Hardcover)

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Word on Fire's Flannery O'Connor Collection introduces readers to one of the most celebrated writers of the twentieth century. Many are initially hesitant to approach O'Connor's work, as she is known for her use of the shocking and grotesque; but it is in these moments of great darkness that she allows for the greatest breakthroughs of grace, revealing a deep understanding of human nature that is Catholic through and through. This collection features famous short stories like "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," the entire novel The Violent Bear It Away, and many of O'Connor's letters and essays that explicate the themes of her works. Valuable to the seasoned fan and first-time reader alike, it seeks to lend a better understanding and deeper appreciation of her literary output.
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