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The Heat Seekers - Zane (Paperback)

The Heat Seekers - Zane (Paperback)

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A hot and sexy novel from the bestselling author of Addicted about the volatile, sensual escapades of two unforgettable pairs of lover.

They're sisters of the soul, two girlfriends hitting the clubs in search of that oh-so-rare commodity: single guys. Tempest sports a modest suit, while Janessa runs wild in a skintight minidress--but they both want the same thing: the heat, the passion, the spark to ignite the sensual fires inside. It takes time and patience to find such a special lover. But somewhere among the losers they know there's a match for each of them.

The last thing Geren wants is a relationship--most women can't see past his money and his good looks. But when Dvontè--Geren's best friend and total womanizer--talks Geren into going clubbing, fate leads them to Tempest and Janessa. Attractions flare, connections are made, lives are changed, and secrets come to light. Together, they are the heat seekers, four daring hearts willing to play with fire--and take the risk of getting burned.
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