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Armstrong, Kevin G.

The Miracle Manager: Why True Leaders Rarely Make Great Managers - Armstrong, Kevin G. (Hardcover)

The Miracle Manager: Why True Leaders Rarely Make Great Managers - Armstrong, Kevin G. (Hardcover)

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KEVIN G. ARMSTRONG - THE MIRACLE MANAGER "My MBA degree did not teach me what Kevin Armstrong has to say in this book." ―BRUCE DER, P. ENG., MBA, president and CEO, A.H. Lundberg Systems Manage A Team That Will Follow You Anywhere! In The Miracle Manager, Kevin G. Armstrong argues that placing true leaders in management positions has become an epidemic that is destroying businesses. Armstrong--a successful speaker, business owner, advisor and best-selling author--knows first-hand the consequences of mistaking great leadership for effective management. With knowledge gained from 20-plus years of exclusively advising CEOs, business owners and their management teams, the author presents a revolutionary approach to organizational management. Utilizing professional researchers and actual case studies of great leaders and coaches of the past, Armstrong illustrates why being a stellar player rarely equates to being a great coach - why businesses have to start rewarding and recognizing their leaders, and valuing the special talents of their managers. "Throughout history, many influential people have earned the title of leader," says Armstrong. "Leaders look to the future, oblivious to who or how many are following. Being an effective manager requires you to efficiently and effectively work through others -- to be what I call a 'manacoach.'" Armstrong shares his proven strategies for implementing management techniques based on revolutionary concepts to create scalable and sustainable cultures of accountability. For business owners and their management teams, The Miracle Manager is your guide to aligning people with your company culture and creating a healthy environment through accountability where politics cannot survive.

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