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Stultz, Russell Allen

The Only Options Trading Book You'll Ever Need (Second Edition) - Stultz, Russell Allen (Paperback)

The Only Options Trading Book You'll Ever Need (Second Edition) - Stultz, Russell Allen (Paperback)

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The first edition of The Only Options Book You'll Ever Need became a world-wide option trading classic in less than a year and continues to experience strong worldwide sales. Several option trading instructors recommend this book to their students as an essential reference options traders. And indeed, this book has led many of its readers to the achievement of steady incomes. One reader who had never traded options quadrupled his sizeable brokerage account in 21 short months by following the trading rules and using the strategies in this book's first edition.
In this second edition, the previous trade examples have been updated with more recent ones, and several of the strategy descriptions have been expanded. For example, the popular butterfly option strategies now include balanced, unbalanced, broke-wing, and two-step butterflies. Trade salvage techniques, such as "legging" vertical calls or puts into butterflies as a trade management strategy, is also detailed.
In addition to new hands-on option trading activities, an expanded and more descriptive option strategy reference has been updated to incude recommended IV% and Delta values, strategy goals, trade management techniques, and profit and stop loss recommendations. The risk profiles and option chain illustrations have also been enlarged for easy reading.
Chapter 16, Trading Options on Small Accounts, has also been expanded. This chapter now provides descriptions of sixteen different options strategies that can be used with small accounts such as rollover IRAs.

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