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Owsinski, Bobby

The Recording Engineer's Handbook 5th Edition - Owsinski, Bobby (Paperback)

The Recording Engineer's Handbook 5th Edition - Owsinski, Bobby (Paperback)

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The Recording Engineer's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski has become a music industry standard found in studios all over the world, and this fully updated fifth edition once again offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the art of audio recording. Written with today's technology and workflows in mind, The Recording Engineer's Handbook Fifth Edition is a must-have resource for anyone interested in recording either in their home or a commercial studio.

In the book's first section, you'll learn everything from how microphones work to specific techniques for recording drums, individual instruments, vocals and much more. In the second section you'll benefit from the wisdom and down-to-earth practical advice offered by a host recording professionals including all-time greats like Al Schmitt, Eddie Kramer, Sylvia Massy and many others.

Besides the ever-popular sections on recording gear, gain staging and levels, recording techniques for just about any instrument, and interviews with some of the world's most honored recording engineers, this 5th edition contains new topics like:

  • The latest in recording and microphone technology

  • An overview of modeling microphones

  • A complete overview of immersive recording techniques

  • A new section on cleaning and disinfecting your microphones

  • The latest recording methods for drum sounds and individual instruments

  • Home studio recording techniques

  • And four new interviews with top engineers

Learn the art of recording with renowned author, teacher, producer and engineer Bobby Owsinski, and, in the interviews, explore the creative processes behind not only today's hits but the classic cuts we've enjoyed for years. See for yourself why The Recording Engineer's Handbook, Fifth Edition is the book that's a standard text in college music production courses all over the world.

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