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Kennedy, James Ronald

The South Was Right!: A New Edition for the 21st Century - Kennedy, James Ronald (Hardcover)

The South Was Right!: A New Edition for the 21st Century - Kennedy, James Ronald (Hardcover)

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The South Was Right!

A New Edition for the 2ast Century

IN 1991, THE KENNEDY BROTHERS first published The South Was Right!, launching the modern movement of Southern awareness and activism. To date the first and second edition of this book has sold over 135,000 copies!

Not for the faint of heart, The South Was Right! is an authoritative and well-documented study of the mythology behind "Civil War" history and its ongoing effects.

In their new edition for a 21st century audience, the Kennedys have updated their message to provide guidance for the harsh conditions against liberty and even the survival of the South that face us in this time.

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Passages from the New Edition of The South Was Right!

"The central theme of this book is that the Northern majority used unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral methods to change the Original Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States into a centralized, supreme, federal government that is now (2020) controlled by an evil leftist shadow government."

"Through aggressive war and post-war unconstitutional political acts, the Yankee Empire changed the nature of the government from a voluntary compact among sovereign states to an empire established by the Northern majority via the conquest of the numerical minority of the South."

"After Reconstruction the South accepted its secondary place in the newly created Yankee Empire in exchange for nominal control of the puppet governments foisted upon the Southern States and agreed not to secede from the newly created "indivisible" nation. The Yankee Empire broke the bargain! The South is no longer "patriotically" required to remain loyal to the Yankee Empire...."

"If Southerners continue to remain pacified subjects of a supreme federal government that is actively engaged in anti-South, cultural genocide, then the South will turn into another Detroit, Chicago, Zimbabwe or Venezuela...."

"This book is a call to action to all people who love liberty and truth."

"If the ruling elites in Washington reject the demands of the people for a government more respectful of our rights, then it will be faced with the prospect of the Southern people-as well as people in conservative "red counties" across America following the lead of Lithuania (1990) and England via Brexit (2016) as we demand the right of self-determination."

If you love the South, you need this book!

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