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Dunaway, Missy

The Traveling Artist: A Visual Journal - Dunaway, Missy (Hardcover)

The Traveling Artist: A Visual Journal - Dunaway, Missy (Hardcover)

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Inspired by the vivid colors of impressionist art and infused with an extraordinary love of life, The Traveling Artist follows painter and writer Missy Dunaway's voyages over five years, spanning four continents, intimately rendered by hand into the pages of her journals. As a Fulbright Fellow, solo-traveler, and artist-in-residence, Missy traverses a variety of terrain, from urban Istanbul to Morocco's Sahara Desert to bucolic Iceland. Gorgeous paintings instantly transport readers through the hand and eye of an artist with the spirit of a poet. Complementing her artwork is a special introduction that reflects on the development of her process as a traveling artist, along with explanations of her artistic techniques, including how to best capture fleeting moments while on the move. Every reader-- whether armchair or voyager--will journey with Missy and witness as her sketchbook becomes a beloved travel companion. Readers just might be inspired to take the same road, paintbrush in hand.

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