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Conte, Gabriel

A Mission for Meaning: The Choices That Lead to the Life You Really Want - Conte, Gabriel (Hardcover)

A Mission for Meaning: The Choices That Lead to the Life You Really Want - Conte, Gabriel (Hardcover)

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For anyone who feels like they'll never live the life they dream of living, let social media sensation and entrepreneur Gabriel Conte be an inspiration to you: The life you want can be yours. And you can begin to earn it, achieve it, and live it right now.

Gabriel Conte has created a life that others dream of--he's married to the love of his life, he's an entrepreneur in multiple fields, he nurtures great relationships with his parents and siblings, and he's sustaining a vibrant relationship with God that's at the heart of everything he does. But it didn't happen overnight. He's worked with intention to get to where he is today.

With encouraging and uplifting stories from his personal journey--including the highs, lows, ups, downs, missteps, big decisions, small decisions, breakthroughs, and miracles--A Mission for Meaning highlights what he's learned about life, love, and being accountable for the consequences of your decisions.

As Gabriel recounts the behind-the-scenes secrets of the intentional choices that led him to achieve his success at such a young age, he aims to help you on your own path to a better life by giving you the tools you need to:

  • Make small intentional decisions that will lead to the life you want
  • Surround yourself with the right people to benefit every area of your life
  • Cultivate a relationship with a loving God that can change your life for the better
  • Find creative outlets and career choices that will bring you joy
  • Stay true to yourself to achieve the success you're looking for

Success--however you choose to define it--can be yours, starting today. Let A Mission for Meaning be your guide along the way.

Praise for A Mission for Meaning:

"There is power in authenticity and vulnerability, and Gabe gifts that to his readers in spades. In sharing his struggles, from walking the valleys of depression to embarking on the journey to embrace failure as opportunity, he doesn't hold back. While Gabe's story is truly one of a kind, the themes are universal and relevant to today's generation in a big way."

--Matt James, star of The Bachelor season 25

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