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Kirkman, Rick

Briefcase Full of Baby Blues - Kirkman, Rick (Paperback)

Briefcase Full of Baby Blues - Kirkman, Rick (Paperback)

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Baby Blues "is a genuinely hilarious comic strip." --Rants and Raves

Childhood-synonymous with slip 'n' slides, bubble gum, and getting your little brother in trouble. Parenthood-synonymous with Band-Aid bandages, haircuts, and giving timeouts for tattling. Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott effortlessly navigate the nuances of everyday family life in Briefcase of Baby Blues

Named Best Comic Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society, Baby Blues details the goings-on inside the MacPherson home. Running at a frenzied pace, young parents Darryl and Wanda keep up with Zoe, Hammie, and baby Wren as Kirkman and Scott perfectly capture the domestic discord and creative chaos associated with this household's hilarious activities.

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