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Gladstone, James

The Yellow Leaves Are Coming - Gladstone, James (Hardcover)

The Yellow Leaves Are Coming - Gladstone, James (Hardcover)

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A celebration of nature through the eyes of a boy whose dreams fill with the glorious yellow leaves of autumn. As this young poet-artist and his little sister engage in activities throughout the changing year, readers will explore the seasons with this lyrical and visual story about childhood in an urban neighborhood.

The story ends with the actual inspiration for the book -- a moment of fullness and beauty that can be seen briefly each year in autumn when the leaves of a towering sugar maple have turned golden. Its branches sway and shine in the sunlight and seem as though they will stay adorned forever, although this state of glory only remains intact for a few days amidst the endless change of days, months, seasons. The idea of these yellow leaves lives forever in the boy's memory, imagination, and anticipation, and reflects the hope we all have for good times again.

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